Friday, December 2, 2011

Birthday 1, 2, 3

The journey that we took both for us as parents and for Maximus from birth till now was a joy ride with blessing of tears and laughter. I am sure as he steps into the next stage of life such as having a sibling to share us and being a bigger brother, he will learn and continue to grow in maturity. Of course at this moment he has all our attention but I am sure he will not be lacking in any too in the future. This journey seems at the fast track and sometimes no bumpy road but I am grateful to have travel in this journey with hubby and my Maximus.
Maximus had his 1st Birthday unknowingly, his 2nd birthday - just simply and only us and his 3rd birthday with family and friends.

Left to right: Maximus's 1st - 2nd and 3rd birthday celebration.

Stepping into the Big 3

As I start to reflect the years before and now my boy is THREE years old. It is amazing to watch him grow, and develop to be a fine lil boy. It is indeed God's grace and blessing. Thank you Jesus.
Maximus was able to tell us what he wanted for his birthday celebration. Since now he can understand better what a birthday celebration is, we want to make it a memorable one so we decided to start planning a month before... and Finally he has his Big 3 Birthday in McDonald's with all his friends from Humming Birds and beyond. He was also given a surprise Angry Bird Birthday cake. It was his day... and was a great relief for us as he said, "Thank you, mummy and daddy. I love you." Those were the best words for us. It is worth paying McD for organising the birthday party after all...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Role Play

Role play started when a toddler's imagination developed. When a child is engaged in the role play he / she is trying to portray the adult's daily life into their own. Role play is an important component in a child's play. This is when the child has a full control in the play to express himself in ideas, speech and actions.
As I recorded down Maximus's ability in his role play session, I realised that this is what he has observed going on in the adult's world - the washing of dishes, arranging them and also preparation of food. This is obvious because he spends most of his time at home despite having the 3 hours in his playschool. So, he learned how adults in action managing the daily life routine. And low and behold, he began to imitate the actions and portrayed it in his role play. Although he seems to be playing with his cousin, he was actually not playing together but just along with her and vice-versa. He is just playing along as both of them set the scene of having a Birthday party.
It's fun and interesting to watch how toddlers engaged into role play session. So do enjoy the video.

My Singing Boy

Finally the time has come that Maximus is able to sing. I remembered watch some video posted by my friends on how their children are singing. Now it's my turn to post the video of Maximus's singing...

Our 4th year together in Marriage

It was our 4th year in marriage on 24th June 2011...I was so busy enjoying the moment and of course juggling with work and family, therefore I didn't have the time to blog this down. After 2 months of our lovely and memorable walks down our 4th year in marriage, I realised that I have to continue to fire-up our love life rather than focusing too much in my lil-man. Yes, my lil-man is growing beautifully and fine in this 3 years, but in the midst of managing my lil-man's life, I think I have abandon our life as not only a husband-wife, father-mother to our lil-man, BUT mostly as a lover. It is important to keep him as a lover as priority so that our love will continue to blossom. Although most people will think that a marriage is all about having a family, and the romantic feeling is part of the marriage, I would want to ensure that I do not take for granted of the situation. 24 hours a day, was what I got but I have to ask myself how much have I shower my love to my lover (hubby). It's not the same as playing the role as a mother or wife. Once I remember reading an article about putting the right priority in marriage. It surprised me that the priority should be our spouse then only our children. The reason stated was that at the end of our life, it will be our spouse who is staying close to us. This is very true...
So as I have passed my 4th year in marriage, it was a time to ponder over this marriage and our love-life. I shouldn't take for granted of things and must continue to keep the fire burning. Reflecting over this, I must thank God for this marriage and the joy of sharing life together. I am grateful for having Jin as my husband and as I recalled during my facial section, when I heard our song "Angels Brought Me Here" By Guy Sebastian, it brought me down the memory lane as it was our song for the day when I said "I do".
There are definitely the ups and downs in the marriage but I am sure that he has spur my life as I share the feelings of joy, laughter, tears and anger with him. I dedicate this life back to God for He has given me 4 years of wonderful and blissful marriage. Thank you, Jesus.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Growing pains with my boy

It was what the saying goes "It's the law of attraction!" I will choose to believe that it's the Holy Spirit that put into my heart to sense that something is about to happen to my boy. I was in the KWSP Office when I just felt so uneasy and wanted to go home fast till I received a miss-call from my Sis-in-law. From the missed call, I knew that something had happened!
Heard that Maximus had a fall and cut his chin. And when I got home, immediately I get him ready to go to the hospital. Made the wrong choice to send him to Pantai Cheras where at the end, I decided to transfer him to HUKM because of the charges and the not getting the confident with the plastic surgeon.
At HUKM, the doctor comforted me by telling me that it's just a small matter and glue will be fine. However, it is also depending on the situation because after the next day, the wound needed to be stitched.
Through out the process of giving Maximus the stitching, he was crying in pain - that lead us to cry with him. Maximus was screaming, scolding the doctor and calling for Jesus. It was then, I realised that Maximus does really put his trust in Jesus. He also apologised to us and begging to go home. It was such a painful process for both of us (parents and son).
But finally, the doctor was quick to his decission that he suggested to put him on drip and totally put him to deep sleep. The stitching process took 4 hours with 2 hours of observation. But finally it was over.
I think it's the part and parcel of the growing pain process for us to go through with our boy as parents.
I really pray that nothing worst will happen especially with our daily prayer. My son will request for prayer when we go to bed too. It's really the child-like faith that drives closer to Jesus and to put all my trust in him.
Thank you Jesus

Growing pains

"It's a sign of growing up!" This is what most people will comment when children got scars or had a fall. No doubt it is part and parcel of growing up but I am sure with a little for careful, growing up doesnt need to go through the pain stage.
Recently my little boy had a really bad accident - a bad cut on his chin from playing on the car rides at home. We have to go through so much of pain the tears. It was the most unbearable moments for us (as parents) and also our boy.
We moved him from a private hospital (Pantai Cheras) that wanted to charge us a big sum of amount just to stitch the wound to the government hospital (HUKM) that gave us very good and satisfaction service. From just gluing the wound to stitching it and the trauma that my boy have to go through.
It didn't only traumatised him but made me paranoid each time when I am not by his side. I think it is the stage of growing pains for the both of us.
But my boy is much stronger and have the child-like faith each time when he feels the pain. He will utter that "The Jesus will take away the pain-pain." For a 2 yrs and 6 months old toddler to have such faith in Jesus is a good thing because he can count on Jesus. In fact, after the painful experience during the stitching process, he has lesser trust on me. But I am sure with the love and care, I will ensure him that he will not have to go through such pain anymore.
Check out his stitches (Before and after).

His wound after being cleaned. He was put on drug to sleep (totally deep sleep)

Stitches completed! He woke up immediately after that when the nurse tried to put him on side-way.